Embedding hybrid working into your organisation – as we start to re-integrate our teams and our workforce, many organisations are now on board with embracing the benefits more balanced approach to how and where we work.  We consider some key strategies to consider when embedding hybrid working that address our psychological needs for autonomy and connectedness, and point you towards the capabilities HR teams and managers could focus on to make these cultural transitions successful.

Well Being Strategies for those in an HR role – HR teams and leaders have played a critical role in supporting businesses as they navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. This half day workshop focuses on some of the specific impacts on HR teams and offers tools and strategies that will help HR professionals to adapt, accept and act. We will help you to embed a system of co-mentoring that will keep you feeling supported in the months to come.

Personality and coping using gold standard psychometrics, we explore on a one to one basis or in small groups how our personalities may impact how we cope with uncertainty and what small adjustments we can make to stay focused on the things most important to us

Job crafting strategies for HR teams / managers – the COVID-19 crisis has meant readjustment of goals and company strategies for many businesses – which may also mean your career development plans have been somewhat derailed. This workshop explores ways in which you can reframe this deviation and use your values and the skill of job crafting to continue to grow your skillset

Planning for behaviour change in the workplace the past 12 months have meant many of us are now working in hybrid working environments, with changes to our routines, the purpose of our workplace spaces and the need to adapt and execute change quickly. Whilst we can change physical spaces, we also need to change behaviours to help us adjust to new ways of working. This workshop takes you through a gold standard behaviour change model and gives you simple, effective psychological tools to support any behaviour change initiative

Navigating rapid change and uncertainty – whilst the adage goes that ‘change is a constant’, frequent, and often unexpected change can impact us in many different ways. HR are often asked to deliver change quickly, execute fast and manage outcomes. This workshop provides you with a ‘change toolkit’ and some evidence based techniques that will equip you with the skills and internal resources to adapt and execute, whilst looking after your own needs.

Motivating ourselves and our teams: The A, B, C of psychological needs – whilst there are many theories of motivation, this workshop, based on the work of Deci and Ryan and their Self-Determination theory provides you with a simple but robust and tangible framework within which to position your well being and strategies for addressing those areas in which your needs may be depleted.

Personality and group feedback – using the combination of a gold standard personality assessment and 360, which can be tailored to your organisation’s competency framework or values we provide you with a bespoke report and 90 minute feedback session that enables you to explore how personality may influence the ways in which others perceive you, and the behaviours you demonstrate – enabling you to identify ‘blind spots’ , potential de-railers and of course celebrate your strengths – both hidden and known!

Bringing Imposter Syndrome out in the open – many people suffer from imposter syndrome but it is something that is very rarely openly discussed in the work place. It can prevent people from doing their greatest work as it may lead to feelings of paralysis, fear of judgement, unworthiness and difficulty with decision making and assertiveness. We offer a seminar on imposter syndrome, helping to understand where it may come from and providing strategies to manage the feelings around it. We also offer one-to-one coaching for those who would like to explore their feelings around this issue further.

Developing a Growth Mindset – individuals have mindset preferences, but so do organisations! We explore how you can cultivate a culture where innovation can thrive, by fostering an environment that supports psychological growth, where leaders and colleagues are seen as resources to learn, mistakes and failures are treated as opportunities to improve, and communication is open and non-judgemental.

Purposeful Feedback -framing feedback using psychological principles – Engaging in a feedback conversation with a colleague or as a people manager can feel like a challenge. Many of us put these conversations off. Perhaps the issue will go away on it’s own.. or perhaps someone else will share their feedback and deal with it so we don’t have to. Effective, ‘courageous’ conversations do not have to involve conflict, and there are a number of tools you can use to frame them effectively – we’ll take you through them!

Perhaps you’d like to embed one of these sessions into your next team meeting – or there’s a burning topic that you’d like covered – we’ll curate a session for you and deliver either remotely or (when pandemic allows) face to face.

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