Many organisations call in external team coaches when their team is floundering or facing performance challenges. Research shows that, in fact, team coaching is most effective with teams that are already performing fairly well – team coaching can move such teams from good to great performance, and can also help ‘future-proof’ teams that are poised for change and growth.

Team coaching doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive either. Use of an evidence-based psychometric, such as the Team Diagnostic Survey followed by a team coaching session based on the results, can help you identify areas where your team might need a little extra support and understand where best to focus your attention as the team develops.

As with so many things in life, it’s so important to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. A well-functioning, high-performing team will save you so much time and money in the long run in so many ways and will help to ensure that your staff are self-motivated, engaged, and invested in the tasks they are performing.

The ‘Team Diagnostic Survey’ (TDS) is a powerful indicator of where your team is right now and how it might be moved from delivering good-enough outcomes to exceptional performance. The framework of the diagnostic evaluates 6 conditions of team effectiveness and based on decades of research and is a well validated model for predicting performance in real world teams. The framework identifies the conditions that can be deliberately designed into a team and that together create an environment where great teamwork will emerge.

The online survey assesses teams on 6 conditions of team effectiveness that predict up to 80% of a team’s ultimate success. The resulting 27 page report helps teams and team leaders zero in on the levers that lead teams to becoming exceptional.

The TDS is the most rigorous and widely-validated team effectiveness instrument on the market today. It can be used as a standalone assessment for diagnosing teams as well as incorporated as an essential component of team building or team development programs.

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