Team Up to Perform really started 44 years ago… Isabelle and Vicky are sisters and so have been a team of two for quite some time!

We both studied Psychology as Undergraduates at University. Probably influenced by our idyllic childhood camping holidays in Pembrokeshire, we both chose to study at the University of Wales – Isabelle at Swansea and Vicky at Cardiff. We both graduated (a year apart) with a 2.1, and Isabelle went on to complete her Masters in Research Methods and Psychological Assessment. After some trial and error went on to pursue our careers of choice Isabelle in Clinical Research and Vicky in Human Resources.

We both moved through the ranks into leadership positions, working with high performing teams. We both loved our jobs, but craved balance as well as the dream of running our own businesses. Vicky undertook her Masters degree in Occupational Psychology and we both (coincidentally!) decided to leave corporate life in 2018, to run our own consultancies, which we’ve been doing successfully in our own areas of expertise.

Many discussions later (usually over a glass of wine or two!) we decided in early 2021 that our combined and complimentary skills offered a really valuable proposition to organisations that were interested in embracing a new way of developing their teams. With such extensive experience in leading high stakes teams and 4 psychology degrees between us, along with our honest and open sibling relationship, it seems like an absolute no-brainer to go into business together. And thus Team Up to Perform was born!

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