If you’ve ever been told a change at work is about to be implemented or have been booked onto a course because your manager told you you had to, you may have found it hard to engage or even actively disengaged with it – and that’s perfectly natural – we don’t like being told what to do! The psychological term for this is ‘psychological reactance’ – when someone pushes too hard to persuade us to do something that we think is unfair, we receive this as a threat to our freedom and tend to disengage, resist or actively behave in ways that thwart these attempts. If you have spent time with a toddler, this may be the source of many of their tantrums!

We all have a basic psychological need for agency or autonomy in our lives, and our learning journeys are no exception. Self directed learning – where we take the initiative ourselves to create our learning goals, choose the type or method of learning we’d like to undertake and the content we wish to engage in – appeals to our intrinsic motivation. It’s much easier to endorse something if we have chosen it for ourselves and decided how and with whom and when we wish to engage with it.

At Team Up to Perform we’re big fans of self-directed learning, and believe that one size does definitely NOT fit all. Whilst we may carefully curate our learning solutions so that you can trust they are evidence based, easily digestible and have a track record of delivering reliable outcomes – we always listen first, and seek to understand what it is your individual employees, teams and your organisation want for themselves, offering you a range of options that you can apply flexibly.

If you’d like to (and we’re definitely not telling you to!) have a chat about adaptive learning solutions for you, your teams or your workplace, we’d love to chat over a cuppa (or a coffee). We’d love you to get in touch (or if you’d like us to get in touch with you, just send us your contact details and we’ll do the rest.

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