As we move towards some semblance of normality, moving out of lockdown, how do you know how best to move your teams forward and ensure that they have the best conditions available to them for performance and effectiveness?

It’s likely that your team is dedicated and diligent, and doing well on the surface. But in the workplace, there are often many small ‘interference’ factors that remain unseen and unsaid, and a truly effective team needs to be aware of any blockers to performance, so that they can make steps to remove them and realise their full potential.

Here at Team Up to Perform, we fully believe in the potential of each team member, and as team development coaches, part of our role is to shine a light on any psychological, environmental or systemic challenges that might be affecting your team’s performance.

If you’re interested in how Team Coaching can help your organisation, the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) is a great place to start. The TDS is an instrument developed by Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman and is backed up by a huge body of evidence. It starts with an online survey, which assesses teams on the 6 conditions of team effectiveness that predict up to 80% of a team’s success. The resulting 27 page report helps teams and team leaders zero in on the levers that lead teams towards exceptional performance.

The TDS is the most rigorous and widely validated team effectiveness instrument on the market today and can be used as a stand alone assessment for diagnosing teams as well as incorporated as part of a more involved teambuilding or team coaching process.

We are currently running an introductory offer on TDS administration and feedback. We will administer the survey to your selected team, provide you with the full report and follow up with a 2-hour feedback workshop. During our time together, we will use the TDS report to highlight strength areas indicating ideal conditions for team effectiveness, as well as identifying areas for development. During the meeting, we’ll work with you to clearly identify next steps for your organisation.

This service is currently capped at £1,500 until 1st May 2021 (price thereafter £2,000). If you’d like to discuss how the TDS might help your organisation, please contact us and we’d be very happy to discuss your needs.

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